Diseiye Thompson is a Toronto based fashion and costume designer who graduated from Toronto Film School with a luxury eveningwear collection that was successfully exhibited at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week and various other platforms, creating brand awareness and developing Diseiye as a brand. Diseiye has interned and worked for industry professionals like Susan Dicks & Co, Greta Constantine & Lea-Ann Belter where they have honed their design and tailoring skills.


For death in wonderland, Daniel Thompson found inspiration in the fantasy of wonderland and the afterlife. A beautiful darkness resonates within the collection, darker colours and textures: the black of the peau de soie, the fragility of the bugle beads, the reflection of the piping and the lightness of the feathers. Traditional silhouettes with a sense of modernity and luxury.

Death in wonderland is inspired by an image of a dying bird, a sense of freedom from the known. The collection seeks to celebrate death as a new adventure and the name is a reference to the chimera in the tale of alice in wonderland. The ostrich feathers in the collection represent the bird and the fragility of life itself, The darker colours conjure a sense of mourning in the Victorian era while the reflective fabric that has been used as backing in the laser cut, piping details and applique, bestows a sense of ‘finding the light’, creating a perspective of beauty in the darkness.

Sacrilegious Love

This collection is called sacrilegious love as an ode to love that prevails in secret, the love between the shadow and the soul. It’s about knowing one’s true worth and understanding the complexity of the human existence. The clothing possesses a feminine ease in the cuts and silhouettes while embodying a woman’s strength in the drape and structure, exploring the duality of nature.

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